"Why Do Women Need to Tell Their Own Stories" (Part 1)


(1) Interviewee: Farhana Yasmin from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Background: She has completed her Post Graduation in Finance from 'University Of Dhaka'. She has just joined as a Lecturer in a renowned University named 'Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)'.
"Why should women tell their stories? Because many so-called “sensible” voices will have words saying, “You should not”! That is how the social system of a Third World country has groomed girls to not speak up, let alone solving the issues for women. Still I insist women should tell their stories because it heals. Yes every woman has her own journey, own life, own mistakes, own lessons and no one should be there to judge her stories without being in her shoes.

Storytelling should be encouraged as a way to heal and to reinforce the inspirations by female storytellers and for female audience. Telling stories helps to re-shape one's identity, reflect on the possibilities, and re-think the mistakes that could have been avoided. Listening to stories told by women also creates a loving energy for others because we all women share at least something in common. To me, life is here to live. Telling my stories is here to re-live. When I tell my story, I hit the replay of how I performed in life. Certainly I do not want to miss this opportunity to re-live my life! I will keep telling my stories!"
(2) Interviewee: Nargis Akhtar from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Background: She is a Business Graduate in Accounting from University Of Dhaka.
“Ah! Lower your voice.”
“Don’t laugh so loud.” 

"Girls in our society are still told these and a lot of other "don't"s every day. They grow up in an environment listening to things that don't allow them to become a true person. Consequently, they grow up and become an inferior person called ‘Woman’. They grow up believing that they are little less than their male counterparts. Girls grow up accepting that they will never be treated the same. They will always have to face obstacles and that’s a part of womanhood. 

So, here is a message to all those successful ladies out there who had to fight to stand straight in this society, where women are labeled with negative adjectives for doing exactly what labeled a man with positive adjectives - Don’t lower your voice. Shout out loud to reach those souls who believe that they are inferiors. Shout loud enough to burst those bubbles of lies that surround weaker girls. Shout out loud to give other girls hope, to make them believe that they are equal, different may be but equal. Be the girls' inspiration. Tell the girls how thinking out of the box has helped you succeed. Tell them how you stood straight anyway, even though you were always forced to bend down under the glass ceiling. Make the girls believe that they can do it too.
Share your stories of success, beautiful ladies and make others' journeys a bit easier."
Photographer & Videographer Credit: Mahbub Rahman / Farhana Yasmin / Nargis Akhtar

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