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Having worked in the private sector for some years, Indra Dusoye joined academia in 2011. Though she has been lecturing at the University of Mauritius, she also considers herself as a practitioner of HRM and she is most of the time keeping in touch with the industry. In 2014, she was awarded the 50th Anniversary scholarship by University of Edinburgh Napier through a global open competition. The only one being selected, she is now on her second year of my PhD. As part of her research, she has also been exposed to supervision, teaching within the UK as well as international level. Else, she loves dance, specially bollydance and ceilidh, as well as clubbing. She has interest in being creative with cookery, fashion and home decoration. She lives life on her terms and not those dictated by the society. She she has been criticised for that, but she is fine with it. There has to be some who chose to make a difference.


She believes that everyone, not only women, should be economically empowered. Though we always associate economic empowerment to women, there are cases where men are left out because of social reclusion and lack of education especially of they come from broken families or pockets of poverty. However, on a comparative level, women are the ones who are the most vulnerable and therefore needs more economic empowerment. Stating that, at the base of every life is the need for survival that depends on money. If women in households were to be more economically, thus financially independent, it would resolve numerous issues. These issues range from social issues such as prostitution, poverty, lack of education, inappropriate housing to individual issues such as hunger. The moment women are economically empowered it supports evolution and development at the individual, societal and country level. As women are more empowered, they can stand on their feet and earn their own money as an inflow of money in the household. It supports self-development of women in terms of education, developing entrepreneurial skills, decision making and learning to be independent. The individual benefit from economic empowerment which in turns alleviate issues within the family and, at a larger scale, the society.

Furthermore, Indra believes that most if not all women face numerous hurdles when they decide to break the stereotypes and make the difference. The society we live in have gendered roles for both genders. The moment a women decide to break the norms, that is already a society-set stereo-type that the women is subjected to a path with numerous obstacles on the way till the latter achieved what she wants. So, the very first obstacle happens in your mind. You as a woman, you need to realise that you need to rise and see above the surface of the norms. You then have to decide and find ways as to how you will be swimming your way through that infinite lagoon of dominant males and still survive till you reach the end. Throughout the journey you will meet supportive males as well as soul-breaking males. Both are part of your journey. The supportive ones reinforce your inner-faith, the soul-breaking one create barriers all the way. The latter, however, makes you stronger with time. These are the ones who help you to grow and explore your competencies and yourself. Barriers can be in terms of undermining your decision making abilities, refusal of accepting your ideas because of ego issues, pinning your propositions down because of gender issues. The higher you go in the organisational hierarchy, the tougher it gets to get your voice heard. There can be groups of male chauvinist grouping together, talking and agreeing about subjects together just to show agreement on common issues, leaving you and your ideas out. Women standing hard on their ideas with logical and valid points often find themselves with opponents as they might be too intelligent to be handled.

The first thing is to have the mindset of someone who is willing to make a difference. The moment you understand that you will be faced to a man’s world and yet you want to stand to that, half of the battle is already won because you are aware of what is waiting for you outside there and you work on improving yourself to be able to stand next to them and getting your points heard and accepted. It is a very invisible and subtle self-transformation process that takes place as you are aware and, most importantly, alert of your environment and people surrounding it. One of the ways to overcome such issues is to have practical and logical points to argue your ideas. Look at your work beforehand and prepare supportive and valid arguments to support your propositions. Also, they to all this, is to know each of your colleague individually. When you know your colleagues properly, you are able to read their behaviour, mind and body language within various situations. Therefore, you are able to sense as well as predict their behaviours. Therefore, keeping their mindset and thinking pattern in mind, you will be able to know how you should approach them, even as simply as talk to them and work peacefully with them. The moment you are able to manage them, all will be fine.


There is no free meal in this world. You have to work hard and honestly if you want to earn respect and move up the ladder with dignity. You have to believe in yourself. We all have the potential of being something great or being great in our life. Its just the path we choose to do it, our commitment to it and most important our faith within ourselves to be able to reach till the end of what we want to achieve. Failures are numerous on our pathway, whether it be related to the dominant male or not, but the one who win the race of life, is the one who rises after falling. Falling, failures and suffering are part of the learning, it’s the preparation for the next step so you can bounce higher each time. But if you lose hope after one fall and if you do not rise after that, you might not be able to stand on your feet later on. When we are young, we come in the world of work with ambitions thinking the world is a rosy one. Then with time, the dreams are shattered and we see and experience the blues of it. This is the real colour of life and work; the rosy and the blues. Ambitions, dreams are to be realised not dreamt of with open eyes. If you want something go for it. Do not lose faith in yourself, allow your ambitions and dreams to guide you and at the same time learn to make the difference between the good and the bad. Your path is yours, you choose it. You chose to be proud of yourself with honesty or with guilt, you choose it.

Photographer & Videographer Credit: Indra Dusoye

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