Economic Empowerment = Education for Young Women


Lack of school fees posed a threat to my attaining higher education; I lost hope. However, my efforts paid off in high school when I emerged as a top student in the national examinations. A reward by Equity Bank to join the Equity African Leaders Program was the ultimate victory. At only 19 years of age, I became a bank teller and this marked the beginning of my economic empowerment.

This sudden transformation enabled me to acquire higher education in one of Kenya's top public universities. I graduated from the university in December, 2014, a milestone which could have remained a mere dream if I had not attained economic empowerment.

The realization of how economic empowerment is, especially for women, made me to embark on mentoring and motivating young girls in Kenya to surmount challenges they face as students and focus on education. I believe education is one of the keys that can unlock opportunities for economic empowerment.

As a young people's mentor, I have spoken to at least 2000 girls and boys across the country. I initiated Teen Action Program, which aims to empower teenagers; currently the program is organizing a teenagers' camp in December, 2015, which targets 150 girls and 150 boys.

To further empower young women, I will create a social media platform where young women in Africa can be mentored by phenomenal young and older women.

Besides, I am working on how young women who dropped out of school due to lack of schools fees, early pregnancies, and early marriages can be economically empowered, reenforcing the importance of education in order to ensure that their children do not suffer the same fate as them.

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  • Anika Subah Ahmad
    Really inspiring! :)
  • Olga Rajchikj
    Gladys you're truly inspiring with the work you're doing for your community! You're an example to me, of what should I do next in order to follow my mission of WEE. Thank you for sharing your amazing stories and passion! Keep up the extraordinary work you're doing.
  • John Eyagi Shivisi
    Your story is inspiring Gladys! Lack of access not just education but of quality education is the biggest threat to women achieving their dreams and becoming economically empowered. Apart from econimic challenges as you've mentioned, the the other big threat to girls accessing education is cultural biases which we need to make a deliberate effort to overcome.

    Thank you for choosing to mentor youth at a tender age. it is where empowerement happens best
  • Ondiek Japheth
    Realization of future economic empowerment especially for women will have sustainable and best ripple effect to the growing population if administered and mentored at Teens age.Young girls from the teen age are able to know their rights and take their Economic space at an early .
  • Stella Bakibinga
    Great story Gladys! Every cloud has a silver lining and your story is what every girl needs to beat all odds!
  • Michel Choto
    Very inspirational Gladys, great job with Teen Action Program, mentorship is key!
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