Confidence Gained Through a Self-Help Group


I was very young when I got married, I was about sixteen or seventeen years old. Before meeting All We Can’s partner the Srijan Foundation we never went out of the house. Since, it has changed a lot! We formed a group and we started sitting together and discussing issues. We have started rearing goats and from this we have started earning money. The training we had has taught us how much food to give them and what medicines and vaccinations they need. The goats we keep now grow big and then we can sell them. We get 400 rupees per kilo – this is an income and obviously a benefit! 

Previously I was very scared and very fearful about talking to strangers. After getting connected to Srijan they gave us so much information and so much confidence. We can create a change and we can also talk about the problems we have. We have a voice in the community.


All We Can

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  • Thabo Mubukwanu

    Beautiful story! There is definitely power in numbers. When women work together for mutual good, everyone prospers.

  • Sara Davaasambuu

    Hi Rita, 

    Thank you for telling this nice story. It is very inspiring. As Sasha said we could overcome any obstacle when we teamed up. 

  • Sasha Byers

    Hi Rita,

    I am so glad that you have a place to talk about important issues and you feel safe. Community is vital to our existence. We can walk along each other and lift each other up. Together, we can overcome much.




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