The Benefits of Combining a Career With Motherhood


Contrary to the traditional belief that a working mother is not a good mother, I strongly believe that a working mother can be a better mother. 

“It is possible to be a woman, a mother and an achiever,” says Dr. Roopa Nadig, Dean of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences. “A successful career gives a woman a sense of identity, financial independence, a broader outlook, better problem solving ability and a lot of positivity. These factors will boost her confidence in all areas of her life, including motherhood.”

Motherhood and a career can both be extremely demanding, and it is a daunting task to do justice to each without neglecting the other. However, a woman is able to balance these responsibilities skillfully. Her success largely depends on family support and her own ambition.

In India and elsewhere, many families believe housework and child-rearing are a woman's domain. Working mothers experience high levels of stress as they juggle work, family and children’s responsibilities. This pressure may lead to inefficiency at work and marital relationships can become strained due to lack of time and fatigue. A mother needs strong support from her husband and wider family in order to succeed in a career.

In families where both parents are equally involved in child-rearing, a working mother experiences less guilt and more satisfaction. Both parents should not only share the responsibilities of childcare, but should also be able to enjoy the pleasure that comes with it. These attitudes and values will be transferred to their children and subsequent generations.

When working full-time outside the home is not possible, it is still important for mothers to carve out an identity. This could be through part-time work or helping in the local community. When a mother is involved in activities outside the home, the whole family can benefit in a number of ways. For example, working mothers can:

  • put aside quality time to spend with their family, resulting in a positive family environment
  • become skilled at multitasking and therefore manage their time more efficiently
  • develop an increased belief in their own worth and importance
  • support the economic needs of the family
  • become more economically and intellectually empowered
These positive qualities will influence her children, too. The children are able to see how women can have multiple roles – as a caregiver, an independent woman, a breadwinner and someone who binds the family together. This progressive outlook will help children in their future workplace or family-life.

If you have a friend, sister or wife facing the dilemma of how to juggle different roles, encourage her to achieve her goals. You will be helping her to realize her true potential and set an example to the next generation. If you are a working mother, please read Women, how can we trail blaze to the top”. 

Photographer & Videographer Credit: Shruti Rao

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  • caroline nyakeri
    I agree. Women tend to be the parent that spends most of the time with the children (guiding, counseling, providing...) and a balanced mother has a great influence in raising both strong productive men and women for society.
    Financial independence especially gives women confidence which is key to her balance and strength.
  • Uzoma Katchy
    Women are great multi taskers. They can achieve any goal they set their minds on. Working mothers have a more well balanced life and can contribute immensely to the needs of the society.
  • Basant Hussein
    great ..
  • Peggy Tse
    Many working mothers once had great amibitions in their professional career before they have a baby. We should not waste these talents, rather we can fully maximize their potential if we are able to provide the right support system for these women. I am sure they are very open-minded to accept help and collaboration with employers, non-profits or social institutions, given their high level of education and awareness of social affairs. 

    Whenever possible, family education for fathers, grandparents and children can also help complement to encourage mothers to return work. If other family members are more willing to understand the personal aspirations of working mothers, and happy to make room for them to grow professional and prosper, that would be a win win scenario for the mothers to fulfill their dreams, the families to earn extra income, the societies to enjoy higher productivity! 
  • Wonjeong Chae
    I believe in same way. In Korea, lots of great mothers are have hard time to do their work at the same time. My mother left her work for me and brother. I am gratful that she was always with me but at the sametime I wish she kept for career since she was so passionaste about it. Sadly, many mothers choose to leave work for their family. I hope it could improve more for working mothers. 
  • Moureen Njule Eseme
    Great article. I 100% agree that working mothers are better mothers and wives. Though it can be daunting, they are often open-minded and handling work and theirs households give them a spirit of courage and perseverance. Besides, I noticed that working mothers are always very happy with their lives.
  • I believe one can be an all-rounder and it's the reason why I feel it is possible to be a high achiever and a great family woman too.
  • Olga Rajchikj
    I really like the examples/steps of having balanced life. I think that every woman is capable of creating a balance in her life, it is just the matter of willingness, and some additional set of skilss that could be easily acquired.
  • Rupande Mehta
    Completely agree. Good for you! I can also understand those who choose not to work/forced not to work. Recently I was watching the news and they talked about a report on how children whose mothers worked are far smarter/do well in life than those who are stay at home moms. This goes to show that working does not only benefit the mom, but the entire family. 

    In some cases though, it is not so easy to make that choice - such freedom is curtailed due to many reasons. I started working 3 months faster and although it was SO hard, I now know it was the right thing to do. I appreciate and Amy grateful for have the freedom and the choices. 

    Thank you for your views! 
  • Dr Rejoice Shumba
    Thanks for this article. I read it with much interest. I have recently returned to work leaving a four month old baby at home and it was excrutiatingly painful but necessary. I envy mothers who have decided to take time out to raise their children but deep down I know I made the right decision to go back to work.

    I found encouragement in this article particularly in the benefits of women working outside the home.
  • Anggi Nurqonita
    I really like this article. It motivates working mom, that it is really possible to balanced carrier and family responsibilities. A huge personal appreciation and gratitude to all of the working mom in the world.   
  • Moudy Mugadzaweta
    Very useful article. Indeed there in this day and age, its always beneficial in families when both spouses are allowed to work outside the home. In my case, for the past couple of years my spouse has not been able to get formal and stable work due to the prevailing environment in our country.  Thankfully he has been very supportive as i have risen in my career and other entrepreneurial activities that iam engeged in and it has helped us raise our children and live a decent life while supporting our extended family. Through the earnings, we are able to engage a helper in the house while i continue working, furthering my studies as well as giving time to my children. 
  • Ogbeyalu Okoye
    Combining motherhood and career Be very challenging  but with the support of family members a few hurdles can be overcome. Resilience and determination plays an important role. Creating a schedule and creating different times for home and workplace would help greatly. Beautiful write-up. 
  • anisha shaik
    You portrayed the realistic corner of working women. While I was reading this story, I can see my mother who extremely and endlessly supported being a working woman. I too want to have such exciting life!
  • Napogadi Morethe
    This is extremely exciting and I am for women empowerment even in the phase of motherhood. The obvious trick is balancing family time with work time. Not an impossible situation but priorities come into play in such a situation. I have witnessed alot of women either in media or the corporate world balance the both, others loosing precious time and relationship building with their loved ones. Whereas others couldn't go to a certain height in their careers until a certain time that their kids are grown enough for them to pursue the corporate ladder. An equipped mother equips her children. She in turn becomes a role model to her kids too
  • Zanele Xaba
    Wow this has just inspired me a lot.

    I know with all my full time career  demands,
    Academic demands I will still make a wonderful  mom.
  • Djemi Njiki Michele
    Very inspiring and uplifting article. Every woman and man should read this. To be able to build healthy relationships, families and communities. It is exactly as it is, letting women be empowered is not a threat but a benefit to societies, at all levels. 
  • This is a beautiful article that teaches and encourages evryone! Thanks for sharing. Very educative.
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