Launch of the HerStory campaign to close the gender knowledge gap

Empower Women is pleased to announce the launch of the HerStory initiative to close the gender knowledge gap. As Wikipedia compiles what represents close to the sum of all human knowledge, women should be recognized as part of that sum. Empower Women by UN Women, Wikimedia Foundation,  the UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, the UN Inter-agency Network on Youth Development's Working Group on Youth and Gender Equality, and hundreds of volunteer champions are working on enhancing and increasing the content on Wikipedia related to women and gender equality to raise awareness, close the gender knowledge gap, and start changing and editing the future. Join HerStory edit-a-thons to contribute, promote, and celebrate women of the world. Make sure you going to be an agent of this ‘herstorical’ change.

A series of HerStory edit-a-thons will be held on August 12th, which is International Youth Day in many cities around the globe and online. At the UN Headquarters in New York, the HerStory edit-a-thon will be convening hundreds of participants to edit and write for Wikipedia. The day-long event will include an opening, a Wikipedia 101 brief tutorial, a full day of writing and editing, featured speakers from our partners, breaks for networking, and a closing speech. The knowledge produced during the edit-a-thon will be focusing on recognizing the contribution of female leaders and especially young women, produce articles about the concepts of gender equality and its champions, and offer a youth friendly content about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Join HerStory edit-a-thons to contribute, promote, and celebrate women of the world. Make sure you going to be an agent of this ‘herstorical’ change.

Join the edit-athon in NYC or register to the nearest edit-a-thons in the UK, Egypt, or India

For more information, check the initiative website

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  • Abe Baxter

    In line with a file through the BBC, handiest 17% of Wikipedia’s English language entries are girls, and best 15% of their volunteer editors are a girl.

    It doesn’t take a genius to realize that it’s guys Homework Help writing approximately men.

  • Mark Wilson
    Knowledge is both an asset and a speculation, and like every single other type of riches, it is frequently respectfully conveyed all through a social system. In numerous ranges, data basically does not exist, and where it exists. Gender knowledge gaps and inclinations fortify the hurtful generalizations and practices coursework writing service.
  • Jessica Foumena
    This is a great initiative we should keep doing. It's true that most historical records focus on men by default as if women's achievements were invisible. 
  • Abiade Abiola
    Awesome Initiative! So inspiring!
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