F♀unders Project: Inspiring Women to Leave their Mark

United States of America

Photo: Courtesy of F♀unders Project

What stops women using their talents and capacity for hard work to set up their own businesses and generate their own income? Many obstacles prevent women from realizing their full potential, and we know that the size, number and nature of these barriers vary dramatically from country to country.

No one can deny that the economic empowerment of women is one of the key drivers of global growth. Empowered women will help build larger markets, stronger societies and, most importantly, dramatically reduce the gender gap. Entrepreneurship not only puts new possibilities within the reach of women; where they are allowed to build businesses, this also strengthens both their self-confidence and their communities.  

In our own lives, we have been privileged in many ways: we have had access to education, support, role models, perspectives, incentives and more. This has made it possible for us to see from our earliest years that our future held many possibilities and we understood that there was much we could achieve if we set our minds to it. Yet we also know that there are many parts of the world where women’s will to create something is neutralized by the attitudes of those around them. These are powerful influences. We asked ourselves what helps women see the possibilities beyond those attitudes.

Exploring the world of female entrepreneurship, we found the same scenario: women feel they are less capable, they fear failure, they have a harder time getting funded and reaching out to markets, they do not feel supported. However, one lack seems to stand out from the rest: there are very few female entrepreneurs who can offer role models to inspire other women to take that fundamental first step. The Funders project is designed to tackle this issue.

In July 2016, Funders researchers set out on a one-year mission to interview women entrepreneurs across five continents. We will listen to their stories, ask them about the challenges they have overcome and about what they have achieved. Their stories will build an inspiring narrative that will, hopefully, empower other women to follow their example and follow their own business dreams.

We have already talked to women in three countries – the US, Canada and Mexico – and will soon move on to Asia.

You can join us on the road. Follow us on Facebook, and tell us about the women entrepreneurs and the organizations which support women and their business aspirations who you think should be interviewed. We can all play a role to empower women.

Help Founders to tell the stories and inspiration of female entrepreneurs who have struggled, failed, persevered and yet succeeded in spite of everything. Funders aims to be one more among the growing number of voices that say women are capable, and that entrepreneurship is open to them too – not only out of necessity, but because it’s what they want to do.

Photographer & Videographer Credit: Courtesy of F♀unders Project
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  • sasa diana
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  • Uzoma Katchy
  • Giuliane Bertaglia
    Quanto orgulho destas brasileiras!! :)
  • Hamida Ines
    I'm from Tunisia (North Africa) and I would specify that % of women are increasing day after day, we have already some organizations and associations which are supporting and encouraging them. I can help you if you need more infomations ;)

    Good luck
    • Taciana Mello
      Thank you so much, Humida. We'll definetely be in touch. 

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  • Shalini Prakash
    This is so amazing! If you are coming to India I would love to help!
    • Fernanda Moura
      Hi Shalini, thanks for your message and support. We are considering going to India next year and we will certainly contact you. We are currently interviewing in Asia and you can follow our project on Facebook @thegirlsontheroad
      We know that India has a vibrand and growing entrepreneural environment for women!!

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  • Stella Bakibinga
    Wow! I will be waiting for your arrival in Africa!
    • Fernanda Moura

      Hi Stella, 

      Where in Africa are you? We should arrive around July/ August next year. So far in our plans we have South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya and Botswana. We would love to connect!
      We are currently interviewing in Asia and you can follow our project on Facebook @thegirlsontheroad

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  • Joy Eze
    Interesting! Thanks for sharing.Do you work in Nigeria?
    • Fernanda Moura
      Hi Joy,

      Our project will go around 25 countries and in Africa we have pre-selected South Africa, Tazania, Ethiopia, Kenya and Botswana. We are currently interviewing in Asia and you can follow it through our FB @thegirlsontheroad

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    Great initiative. You can contact me if you need help for your project in Brazil.
    • Taciana Mello
      Thank you, Gloria. We'll be in Brazil next February. We'll contact you!

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