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We own an 80 acre plot of land 23km from Bulawayo, which we affectionately call “The Farm.”  The Farm is primarily a shelter for the woman. The Farm provides agricultural training on a business model and crops and livestock are grown to help to feed the woman who stay there. Chickens, eggs and cash crops are also sold to help with operational costs.

It is important to provide an opportunity for women and girls to learn a vocational skill because most of the girls who attend the sustainable agriculture course have not had access to education.

Today, the farm accommodates 500 new chicken coops. While the chickens provide an income, they are also part of an invaluable teaching tool for the Precious Life Agricultural course offered to women. Working with these chickens, young women will learn the entrepreneurial skills to become their own providers and poultry farmers. We believe teaching women to become self-sufficient is our way of making a lasting impact on the community.

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  • Jacqueline Avery
    Indeed it is important. I have been working on a lot of different homestead supplier and they all have been teaching me about different empowerment that might help me in future. Thanks for such generous share.
  • Stella Bakibinga

    Yes, vocational skills are very important and these help girls get joins easily on the market which already has stiff competition. Keep up the good work and good luck with the training.

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