Using one stone to hunt many birds


Rose Johnson is a young woman who started her life on a wrong path. She had no one to help her and got married as a child at the age of 10.  Like many other women she was at risk of ending up being helpless and poor at old age. 

Fortunately, her life turned around when she discovered herself. She realized that she could use her time and knowledge to support herself and others.

Rose joined the Asabe Shehu Yar Adua Foundation’s meetings and decided to explore the opportunities offered by the Foundation. She enrolled in a catering school where she learned how to bake and cook. This showed to be an empowering turning point for Rose and she decided to help other women alike to discover their strengths and become empowered.

Supported by the Foundation, Rose organized a skills development training, where she taught the elderly how to bake cakes, bread, chin-chin and other bakeries.  
We need more people like Rose - our society needs women and men like her. The story of “using one stone to hunt many birds” is possible and this is just one example.

Research shows and proves that the elderly—65 years and older—live below the standard of living than those in their 50s. Apart from infant children, the elderly women are those who need our care and support. Therefore, let’s stand and support women’s empowerment, especially the empowerment of elderly women, so that our society can become a better place for all.

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