I am not disabled everywhere!

Sierra Leone

One of the challenges we have as disabled women is discrimination. Vehicles are not accessible and even when they are able-bodied people will step in. Drivers lack patience with us. An example of personal discrimination was even though I gained one of the highest marks in my exams at school I was not chosen to become a prefect. I was told that as someone with disability I would not be able to fulfill this role which was not fair.

Becoming computer literate had really helped me and will continue to help me. Where I go with these skills they will help me. My education in this area will serve towards employment for me. Disability does not mean I am disabled everywhere! I have a brain! I have the talent! I am able to do more than people think I can do. After I have sat my West African Certificate I want to go to university to read Journalism, I have ambition for my future.


Dorothy Springer Trust

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  • Sabin Muzaffar

    I think you have raised a very important issue here. And that is in schools we need to create an environment where students with disabilities SHOULD be encouraged to participate. That is one way of combating discrimination at the grass root level. We have to nip the evil of discrimination in the bud. If our institutions where future leaders are instilled with value display such bias then there will be no hope left. On a positive note, what you have written and the image i see of you... is one of a very brave and very very strong woman. A role model for everyone. Take pride in that. Bravo for achieving so much !!


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