I Am Because I Choose To Be!


Since childhood, I have admired people who connect with people beyond their family members. My father used to take me walking every day. We went both to the slums and to areas with big villas. He tried to show me how happiness is hardly dependent on money. He encouraged me to think and explore, and to have my own opinion. He is the person who helped me discover that every human being is loving, and that what people encounters during their lives will contribute to who they become.

Believing in this was not easy for me as I also experienced the dark side of the human nature I was sexually assaulted by my teacher and harassed by a close relative. Despite my father’s positive influence, this completely shattered my belief system. This phase of trauma went on for a few years. However, spirituality helped me to channel this trauma to once again be able to feel love towards other people.

During this journey of self-exploration, I delved into various professions, and ultimately choose the social sector since it touches upon every aspect of human life and would help me to grow as an individual. I am now working with women and children development projects with an NGO in India.

I have travelled widely and I am happy that national boundaries are only noticeable when I am applying for visas.  I have felt at home in every corner of the world that I have visited and with every human being I have encountered, irrespective of their religion, color, language, traditions and culture.

I have realized that life is a combination of events; a combination of what I dream, what I want, what I work for, what I never want, what I never knew and even what I could not control.

Though I don’t have control over events, I can always choose to live. I want to continue to advocate for the unity of humankind through education in open classrooms encouraging rational thought process in children. I want to enhance the skill sets of women and youth, to spread the vitality of keeping oneself productively engaged.

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  • Aruna Jyothi Patapati

    #Tony #Michel #Catherine #Stella

    Thank you all for the warm responses. 


  • Stella Bakibinga

    Great story Aruna! And big thanks to your father's efforts to make you see different aspect of life. It is quite unfortunate that your teacher took advantage of you instead of protecting you! I am however glad that you moved on. All the best with your social work.

  • Catherine Nyoike

    Thank you Aruna for sharing your inspiring story.

  • Michel Choto

    This is very inspiring Aruna, rising beyond circumstances and loving and helping others despite what you have been through is very courageous of you. May you continue the good work you are doing!

  • Tonny Okello

    Thanks Aruna Patapati, for sharing this inspirational and touching story with us. I do really like the fact that you took it up as a personal initiative to rediscover yourself and decided to leave the past alone to build a new and different future all together. This is so amazing because very many out there and maybe me or someone else would not easily have done it. Am glad you had a choice to make to decide how you wanted to live your life and what career you wanted to develop and grow. I wish you all the best.



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