Education is Power!


We celebrated the last day of exit exam, a final exam taken to complete Bachelor of Law degree. We have joined law school for different reasons and we have different aspirations. However, we all have one belief - to stand for gender equality, human rights and justice.  

Education has given us a power to control our lives and make our own decisions. It helped us to become the confident, assertive and passionate women we are now.

When we look back, we all agree that all those challenging and tough five years we spent in law school was worth it.

The reason of our economic empowerment is education, which opened our eyes to all incredible opportunities and choices in our lives. We believe we can make a difference; we believe we can change our society, country and even the world. Indeed, education is power! 

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  • Jennifer Judy
    Education has given us a strength to control our lives and make our personal selections. It helped us to turn out to be the assured, assertive and passionate ladies we're now. Pay Someone to Do My Essay
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