Never give up and help others get up


I was working for a property company during the Tom Yum Kung disease. The situation put more and more pressures on my family in terms of  financial. The income was lower, but my payment was increasing dramatically, I had a debt cost over 5 million baht, eventually I decided to commit a suicide. I carefully planned  the date, time and insurance to make sure that my death will not be a waste. 

A few day before I commit a suicide, I got several called from both from my friends and acquaintances who faced the same problem as me. I realised that instead of giving up we need to help one another to get up by any mean necessary. I started my study in financial law and economic, I used my knowledge to teach other women and help them through many trials in court and throughout the process of judgement.

Nowadays, we founded  the association for Re-enacting the Right for the Debtors and Supa Wangsaana foundation for Debtor's Rights (SFODRR).  We have a knowledge training courses for those who needed for free and we have a one-stop service debtor's Centre where a sustainable improvement for debtors is provided; Learning Centre,  lawyers and career improvement and opportunities. Our association won a The best national development project of 2014 by Ministry of  Social Development and Human Security. 

Interview by Proudpisut Sang-ou-thai


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