My Mother's Legacy Lives On


My role model has always been my mother. She was a survivor of life.  She survived genocide in Yugoslavia at the beginning of WWII, hid from Nazis in the frozen forests, was orphaned, sent off to a state run school, and lost her childhood.  

I learned life’s most important lessons from her, and my goal is pass them on to my girls.

Ever since I can remember, I saw my mother working hard to keep a clean and safe home. Preparing meals, watching our savings, protecting us. And my mother always found work to help support us. She began a house cleaning business, a gold jewelry home business, whatever she could do, she did. My Mother taught me entrepreneurship from childhood and she also taught a love of work. She taught me how to stay strong and persevere; that was one of her greatest gifts.

I decided to finally pursue my dream of a higher education, and recently graduated with an MBA from The University of Florida. I chose this degree for two reasons; because I knew it would help me transition from teaching to others paths, and because I believed it would open doors for me to empower women one day. I even wrote my entrance essay on this desire to help women around the world as they fought for justice and empowerment. My Mother's legacy lives on even seven years after she passed away. Her strength and encouragement will continue to make life better for other women through her story which I will one day share and through her family for generations.

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  • Rita Otu


  • Michel Choto

    Very inspiring and congrats on completing your MBA, may all your dreams come and may your mother's legacy live on!

  • Stella Bakibinga

    Thanks Sasha. Keep up the spirit and all will fall in line! Good luck with your plans.

  • Teresa Abila

    Inspiring story.It's motivating to know that your mum was a survivor who left an indelible mark upon your life and even to life of others.There's a say that goes 'When you empower a woman,you've empowered future generations'.This applies to your mum Sasha,who was a very strong woman.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

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