I give my all to my work


I am a widow because my husband passed away. I have two children. I am a dress maker. I am a seller of Bon Sel D’Ayiti. I am thankful for the clinic. I am employed through the filariasis clinic. It is very important for me because no one at work humiliates me because of my illness. They appreciate me, they collaborate with me. They respect me too, and I continue to advance. And that is why my work is very important to me and I place a lot of value on it also. My work helps me and I give all of myself to my work.


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Segregated labour market
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  • Renu Ghimire

    Truly an inspiring video. 

  • Evelyn Bisona Fonkem

    Thank you Claudette for sharing.

  • Catherine Nyoike

    Claudette, thank you for sharing. It's great to know you work in an enviroment that facilitates for you to give your all.

  • Swati Vempati

    Its wonderful that you have such an encouraging and inclusive work environment. I hope and wish that such environments are accessible to all people who are discriminated against.

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