I am an emergency Blood Dialysis nurse

Korea, Republic of

I am South Korean working as a Nurse at the Seoul Samsung Hospital which is one of Major and Biggest Hospital in Korea and My role is take care of emergency patients needed Blood Dialysis.

I fight with Lives and every minutes and see people passes away and their family cries from their lose. Through this work experiences and having heard that many under developed and developing countries need professional nurses in charge of Blood Dialysis in many reasons and I believe God, so I decided to work for them someday.

Hope this UNWOMEN activities could be a role of bridge to reach my goal.



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Relevant Tags:

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  • Seulgi Sage Shin
    아앗 저의 사진이 이렇게...^-^ 세진쌤 잘 지내시죠? 여전히 멋지게 사시는 쌤이 참 부럽습니다!

    쌤 바쁘시겠지만.. Seoul Samsung Hospital을 Asan medical center로 수정 부탁드려요^-^
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