From the streets of Kano to a business owner


Thirteen year old Hasana had no idea of the whereabouts of her parents. She slept on the streets of Kano state, Nigeria as a destitute with no one to look out for her. She begged for money and food from people, sold sachet waters to people, and most of the time was famished.

The founder of Asabe Shehu Yar'Adua Foundation (ASYARF) found her.  After hearing her story, Hasana was brought to the ASYARF office where she was enrolled in an adult education centre for a duration of four years where Hasana learned how to read and write. Afterwards, she went to Lagos and registered in a skill acquisition centre where she learned how to make shoes and bags.

Hasana turn into a 20 year old empowered woman. The organization helped Hasana to establish her trade in Kano state. She is earning her livelihood making shoes and bags. She has financial freedom and security and after 3 years of business activity she is now able to empower other less privileged people in getting careers for themselves.

Today, Hasana is grateful to Dr. Ambassador Asabe Shehu Yar’adua, for discovering her talent and believing in her when nobody else did. Sometimes we need just to be supported a little to become stronger.

According to Asabe Shehu Yar’adua Foundation, the non-privilege and destitute must not be ignored. They urged the government and stakeholders to pay special attention to the orphanage, and the needy, so that society can be a better place for all.

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  • Sabir Rao
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  • Michel Choto

    Wow..this is very inspiring! Somebody believed in you when nobody else would. Well done for learning to read and write as an adult as well as acquiring a skill for life. All the best in your business!

  • Stella Bakibinga

    Hasana keep up the fighting spirit. You will achieve a lot more and good luck!

  • Teresa Abila
    This tells us that everyone despite of her background, education levels,position in the society/what people say about them, social status and dignity is endowed with certain skills that can only be realized when their self esteem is boosted.Every woman has a role to play, it's a matter of reaching and supporting them in various ways. With this story,indeed governments, private sectors and others have a responsibility of restoring and empowering women who society has neglected and ignored. Let's keep reaching to these deserving women!
  • Tonny Okello

    Thanks Asabe Shehu Yar'Adua for the story its so inspiring and touches deep down my heart. If each one who is empowered can one empower someone less privileged and destitute then we shall surely have lived a legacy worth leaving behind. long live  Asabe Shehu Yar’adua Foundation, long live Empower women

  • Catherine Nyoike

    Asabe, this is a very inspiring story.  Thank you by leading by example, we do have a responsibility to support the less privileged among us.

  • Renu Ghimire

    I salute Hasana for her courage and Asabe Shehu Yar’adua Foundation, for helping the destitute in their fight for a dignified life.  

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