Make your workplace better for women

Dominican Republic

This selfie was taken in October 2014 by a group of very happy people with a strong will to make the workplace better for women around the world. We had just finished our training at the UN Women Training Center in Santo Domingo. This was the start of a new adventure as Gender Auditors to help organizations gain awareness of the importance and positive impact of the gender business case and women's economic empowerment. 

As a gender auditor, I am convinced that eliminating women's underrepresentation in decision making positions can contribute significantly to increase women's economic empowerment.

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  • Swati Vempati

    There is a lot of discussion happening on Empower Women on how each purchase of an individual matters and what corporate can do to be more gender responsive. With increased awareness among public, corporate would focus more on gender responsive strategies and having trained professionals like these can ensure that such policies are implemented fast. And it is indeed a beautiful picture representing the changing scenario.

  • Catherine Nyoike

    Gender audits are not carried out in most local corporations in Kenya. It would be beneficial for us to adopt this practice so that we can learn how to evaluate and monitor our progress towards gender equity. 

    • Laura Martinez
      Institutional programs should be put in place so that there is capacity building and gender capital knowledge within the organization.
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  • Heeshma Chhatralia

    Awesome picture. Your initial step in eliminating women's underrepresentation in decision making has been taken - the picture proves how women have been involved to contribute towards women economic empowerment. 

  • Stella Bakibinga

    I not only love the picture, but also the message it sends. I interpret it to mean that women and men can work happily together towards a common goal.

    • Laura Martinez
      Stella, you are right.. Together as a team, men and women can excel at everything.
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  • nicole murray

    Great pic guys!!!

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