Empowering women through leadership


My name is Humberto Robles and I'm a Mexican Bioscientist and a student of Economics that co-founded an international organization called Women Ambassadors Forum, focused to enhance economic development and economic growth through women empowerment.

With the support of important leaders and distinguished college leaders of Mexico and the United States, I'm currently conducting social projects in more than twenty cities across both countries to help women in disadvantage conditions to improve their entrepreneurship abilities through models of talent management, business teaching and emotional intelligence because I believe that empowering women brings entire families out of poverty.

It makes me very proud to share that handling the gender equality concerns through Womenomics and keeping in mind the goal to reach the eradication of poverty and fostering economic growth, we are impacting directly the first, fifth, eight, tenth, sixteenth and seventeenth sustainable development goals.

The arguments of Womenomics are strong and clarifiers. Its use on the gender discourse will allow more people to open their eyes to this new reality, especially those leaders who have not understood the economic advantages derived from reaching gender equality by empowering women.

At WAF we did a commitment with the first generation of senior and young leaders that are currently helping us make a replicable model that can allow more young people of other countries to use our work methodologies to empower girls and women from across their region.

I'm confident that keeping passion and hard work, we are going to engage more countries and leaders in order to make a difference in the lives of more families.

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