Becoming successful in the heart of Europe


I have had passion for learning foreign languages and enthusiasm to get to know other cultures since my childhood. In 2015 I established my own company, Across Continents Translations, a Brussels based translation agency with a worldwide network of some of the best translators and interpreters.


From my experiences, if you have an idea, go out of your comfort zone and make it happen! We cannot neglect any opportunities coming our way.


I think women have the talent and potential to change the economic status for themselves and impact the development for the countries in which they live. Unfortunately women's economic contribution and political participation is still undervalued and unrecognized.


I think education is the main key to the economic empowerment of women. I was inspired by Joelle, the most amazing English teacher in Brussels, who was courageous enough to create her own successful language school in a foreign country. I respect women who are brave enough to start a new life and to build up a fantastic career from nothing on their own. We should learn from other’s successes to improve our skills and to follow their example.


Most of all, I am thankful for my supportive, amazing mum, without her my story couldn't have come true. She is a true example of empowerment to me.




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  • Csilla Rostas

    Thank you for reading my story. I wish you all health, wealth, success and happiness!

  • Renu Ghimire

    I agree with you Csilla. I also think education is the key to the empowerment of women and most importantly they should be able to internalise values imparted by education so that they can work for transforming not only their lives but also the society they live in for the better.  

  • Charlene Laidley

    Dear Csilla,

    Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. Like you, I also agree that education is the main key to women's economic empowerment - that coupled with important but often overlooked skills of communicating with confidence and leadership. We do need to be brave and do the things that have not done before. Brave women like you sharing your story to inspire us all 'We can do it' is often the starting point. Let it create a ripple effect out to the world. Thank you Csilla!

  • Swati Vempati

    As a development professional, I have noticed that even if we bombard a community with information, resources and training, the change will not be sustainable unless and until the community thinks its important for them. The change has to start internally and I agree that women too have to come out of their comfort zone and grab the opportunities for themselves and their families. And its these early adopters who then become leaders and role models for others.

    Wish you all the best for your venture, Csilla!

  • Michel Choto

    Well done on taking the leap, and all teh best in your business venture.

  • Chiara Bellani

    It has been an honor for me to share this story. Thank you all for reading!

  • Women generally in all communities around the world is discouraged to be dominant and brave but that is the trend which is changing with education and supportive family structure although it will take ages to bring women in mainstream from margin. But world no more can ignore the potential and economic growth a women can bring to family, society and nation at large. Your story Csilla is motivating and a herald. Thanks for sharing.


  • Sasha Byers

    I love your mention of your mum! It's my mom that inspires me everyday to do more and contribute to bettering life for women. Congratulations and continued success and happiness!

    Sasha Byers

  • Sasha Byers

    I love your mention of your mum! It's my mom that inspires me everyday to do more and contribute to bettering life for women. Congratulations and continued success and happiness!

    Sasha Byers

  • Stella Bakibinga

    Supportive families play a crucial role to almost all success stories world over. Big thanks to your mum for making it possible for you to reach this far. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Teresa Abila
    Inspiring! Thanks for the insights Csilla, I am motivated to do more and empower my community. As women, we have the capacity within us to elevate ourselves and to support other women who need us. Education to girls and women is important.
  • Thanks for Sharing.

  • Catherine Nyoike

    Csilla, thank you for sharing. We celebrate your mum and other mothers and women who have inspired us to dream and held our hands along the way.

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