Dr Rejoice Shumba

2016- 2017 Champion for Change @ Empower Women at Fort Hare University

South Africa


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  • Lives in: South Africa
    Country: Zimbabwe
  • Fort Hare University
    Academic institution or research center
  • Business creation, planning & management, Innovation-based enterprises, MDGs and beyond, Research, advisory services & innovation
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Do yourself a favor and learn all you can; then remember what you learn and you will prosper.” (Proverbs 19:8 TEV)

2016- 2017 Champion for Change @ Empower Women
Dr Rejoice Shumba has an interdisciplinary approach to research. Her research interests are in the broad fields of social innovation, social entrepreneurship and social economy. She has been involved in various commissioned research projects at national, regional and international level. She is a key thinker on social innovation, social impact investing and social economy. I would like to be a champion for the economic emancipation of women in rural and marginalized communities. With little or no skills, these women find it difficult to meet their basic needs. Equipping such women with basic skills such as bread making, sewing, knitting, recycling etc and helping them to start social enterprises will economically empower women to meet their basic needs and those of their families. I would like to launch an organization that trains women for free, and helps them to start social enterprises and link them to the market.