Margaret Ngugi

MBA finance student at Fordham Gabelli School Of Business- Lincoln Centre NY

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I thrive on dreams and achieving them. I gravitate towards dreamers like me and aspire to put a dent in the world in my own way. My dream is to incubate businesses in Kenya and then concur Africa and infect many with the entrepreneurial spirit. I envision seeing women pursuing their dreams, surmounting challenges to get to their own destination. We're all travelling different roads to the same destination - happiness. It looks different for us all but in essence it's the same. Born and bred in Kenya, I achieved my high school certificate with stellar results. With limited resources, I was unable to join university. Armed with confidence, I found a great job and with the resources, I assisted my hard working mother put my siblings through school. After this, I joined the university & achieved my business degree via correspondence. I decided to resign and follow my own dream. Armed with nothing but a few dollars and a dream, I am here in New York for MBA and an entrepreneurial journey!

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