Roxana Damas

CEO & Managing Director at RGD Enterprises Inc. | Diversity RD Global | 2016-2017 Champion for Change @Empower Women



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    Country: United States of America
  • RGD Enterprises Inc. | Diversity RD Global | 2016-2017 Champion for Change @Empower Women
    Business owner or entrepreneur
  • Governance and National Planning, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Corporate boards, Evaluation
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Roxana Damas, MBA is an Entrepreneur, Human Rights Advocate, Gender, and Domestic Violence Prevention Expert. Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility strategist. Motivational Speaker, radio co-host, and trainer to a variety of programs focused on Economic Empowerment, Bridging the Technology divide, and educational. Roxana is devoted to empowering others and support the greater social issues that impact us globally. Above all, she is a passionate individual dedicated to socially responsible business and social justice to her local and global community. Her family, environment and education framed her view and engagement to support those in need, but it has been her passion and creativity for Music as a singer, performer, and songwriter that provided her an understanding of using a stage access to broader audience. The importance of using music, entertainment, and airtime as a positive platform to reach masses

My top 5 goals as Global Empower Women Champion are:
Create Innovation and disrupt traditional messages, structures, and beliefs of how and when women and girls create wealth and financial policy.
Engage women globally in use and creation of technology
Encourage and design entrepreneurship and leadership models
Increase and Establish new Violence Prevention programs

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