Scholastica Njozi

Information, Education and Communication officer at The Law School of Tanzania

Dar es salaam


  • Female
  • Joined:
  • Lives in: Dar es salaam
    Country: Tanzania, United Republic of
  • The Law School of Tanzania
    Training institute
  • Education, Business creation, planning & management, MDGs and beyond, Skills development


“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can”

Promoting how o fight against forced marriage, and to be independent economically.
Scholastica Cletus Njozi gets into forced marriage at age of 21. Unsuccessful marriage leads to move out even if family separated her. Went on to Tumaini University as a single mom, had successful career in Mass Communications. Now she is information, Eduation & Communication officer at the Law School of Tanzania. She has unique 10 years background in communications, helping women to fight and stand alone.