Helvecia Takwe

Project/Program Coordinator at World Vision for Education and Development (WVED) Cameroon



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  • Lives in: Bamenda
    Country: Cameroon
  • World Vision for Education and Development (WVED) Cameroon
    Non-profit organization or network
  • Skills development, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Education, Networks & Organizations


The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. —Harvey Firestone

I am a Cameroonian, founder and coordinator of World Vision for Education and Development (WVED) Cameroon.
I hold a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with concentration in Project Management , a Postgraduate Diploma as a Certified Professional Accountant (C.P.A) and a Bachelor’s degree in Education specialized in Curriculum Studies and Teaching (B.ED/C.S.T). I have also attended numerous capacity training courses at home and abroad where I participated as facilitator and key note speaker.

I am committed to working towards impact, innovation and sustainability. My vision is seeing a community with better living standards for everybody with youth and women having a voice in decision making processes and making a difference in transforming lives.

I’m interested in serving the community and bridging gaps there by creating positive changes.
I have expertise in project management and locality development.