Diana Rusu

Innovation and Knowledge Management for Women's Economic Empowerment Specialist at UN Women

New York


  • Female
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  • Lives in: New York
    Country: Moldova, Republic of
  • UN Women
    International organization
  • Education, ICTs, Innovation-based enterprises, Concepts of WEE, Skills development


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Diana Rusu is the Innovation and Knowledge Management for Women’s Economic Empowerment Specialist at UN Women’s Policy Division, Economic Empowerment Section. Passionate about #inno4dev #Edtech and #LifelongLearning she is concentrating on technologies and jobs in the gig economy. span/spanAs part of the “WE EMPOWER through Responsible Business Conduct in G7 Countries” Programme Team, she is designing “WeLearn” a global virtual skills school for women and girls. Diana envisions a world where no woman or girl is left behind, therefore in her work, she is focusing on capacity building for 21st century job market; the changing world of work; new opportunities and skills. Diana holds a Bachelors in International Economic Relations from the Academy of Economic Studies, Moldova, and a Masters in International Affairs from The New School, USA. She is a native Romanian speaker and fluent in English and Russian.