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"The simple act of caring is heroic" (Edward Albert)

I'm a Chilean architect and have a masters in Landscape and Territory design. I am also an accidental tech entrepreneur leading a Social Tech Startup called EnlightAID, an online platform created to fundraise and manage social and environmental projects with complete transparency, by showing the flow of money and what it is done as it happens. Our ultimate goal is to transform what charity means today, by creating a process based on trust and openness that allows donations to reach the people in need effectively.

I'm passionate about sustainable design and before switching to technology I worked in the design and construction of projects raging from housing, to industrial, commercial and even penitentiary buildings; leading also an international team of architects and engineers focused on sustainable design.

I’m a team oriented person and love to connect with new people, I’m inspired by people’s stories and love good food, coffee, travelling and books.