Vanessa Avila

Program Manager & Congressional District Leader at TechnoServe and the ONE Campaign



  • Female
  • Joined:
  • Lives in: Italy
    Country: United States of America
  • TechnoServe and the ONE Campaign
    International organization
  • MDGs and beyond, Entrepreneurship, Inclusive supply chain, Food security, Agro-entrepreneurship & markets
  • Online Champion Badge

    Online Champion


2016-2017 Champion for Change @ Empower Women

As a Champion, I vow to represent the mission of the organization, ‘empowering women to achieve their full economic potential’ with the highest regard and integrity. I am committed to using my voice and advocacy to propel the vision forward. Specifically, I will contribute research, discussions, blog posts, online and offline action to promoting the overall mission. I will also develop and present webinars, where I can engage others in the discussion and share ideas on the tangential elements affecting women’s economic development. I Champion the cause through a regional footing, I globally broadcast the messaging and extend information to organizations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. I am honored to serve as a Champion, and aim to use this platform to bring more visibility to the campaign.