Cecilia (Zhou) Zhuang

Acting president at Chengdu branch of China Youth Returnee Association

Chengdu, China


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    Country: China
  • Chengdu branch of China Youth Returnee Association
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Driven and passionate young professional. I have been organizing networking events in Chengdu for 3 years. I work closely with government, foreign consulates and chambers, help our 8000 registered members to receive work and networking opportunities. 3 years we published 40,000 recuitment infor, hosted over 800 events, helped our members to develope overseas trade and help our startups to find investors. http://cnews.chinadaily.com.cn/2015-04/21/content_20490218.htm I hope by joining EW, I can encourage the female leaders in my region can step up, and help more women achieve economic goals.