Jacob Thomas

LGBTQIA+ Human Rights Advocate; Queen's Young Leader (Australia, 2016); CYGEN SOGI Executive member at Queen's Young Leaders; Commonwealth Youth, Gender & Equality Network (CYGEN)



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  • Lives in: Melbourne
    Country: Australia
  • Queen's Young Leaders; Commonwealth Youth, Gender & Equality Network (CYGEN)
    International organization
  • Skills development, Decision-making, Leadership, Young professionals


Jacob Thomas has worked and volunteered in numerous fields including aide and development, suicide prevention, gender equality, start-up consultancy, higher education, human rights, youth development, and international policy. They have been particularly active in their involvement in LGBTQIA+ work, sitting as the executive member of LGBTQIA+ rights on the Commonwealth Youth Gender and Equality Network. In September 2015, Jacob presented a TEDx Talk, discussing the ideas around gender (r)evolution and why the concept of gender matters, and in 2016 contributed the chapter ‘LGB Youth’ to the Worldwide Perspectives on Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals: Culture, History and Law collection, detailing the critical needs of young lesbian, gay and bisexual people.
Jacob’s influential and outstanding work has been widely recognised by The Queen’s Young Leaders Award, as Victorian Community Leader of the Year and the Diversity and Inclusion Award from Monash University.