Mwiche Simasiku

Social Worker at Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital - Ministry of Health



  • Female
  • Joined:
  • Lives in: Lusaka
    Country: Zambia
  • Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital - Ministry of Health
  • Governance and National Planning, Skills development, Mentorship, Innovation-based enterprises, Leadership


"Obstacles are conditions of success. A life free of all obstacles and difficulties would reduce all possibilities and powers to zero. Remove problems and life loses its creative tension" John Maxwell

I developed courage to survive at a young age and it is the driving force that sees me through many other challenges; i am always ready to face the world. I was determined to work to get to University under difficult times; I graduated and still continue to strive to make my life worthwhile.
The Championship is a great opportunity to exercise some of the skills i have gained over time, including leadership. I would like to tell both men and women, boys and girls that Gender Equality is attainable especially if we all begin to believe in new things that are much more valuable and beneficial to all. A change in mindset is the first step to slowly eliminating discrimination against women in various ways. It is everyone's responsibility to acknowledge that Economic Empowerment is for all sexes to exercise their individual capabilities to compete with all fairness, to achieve development and sustainability, through participation and ownership of knowledge and experiences.