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"Being able to change a life is one of the most beautiful things to achieve"

Hi everybody, my name is Claudia. I'm 25 years old, from Lima Peru and i'm industrial engineer and currently work in sales but i'm advocate for women rights. Specially since i have the opportunity to be near a small community where my father is from(Quilmana, Cañete) , also I'm giving speeches about my career (industrial engineering) to girls in high school. Also for my thesis in college i made a project about sanitary napkin made of sugar cane baggase, it was this project that make me realize how important is gender equality and creating opportunities for women. And as i said sometimes, I'm just someone who wants to make a difference to the life of people of my lovely country "Peru"

As a global champion i will do the following:

1. Continue the speeches i started and promote STEM in more public schools
2. Mentor young girls not only in their careers but in their life.
3. Try to create a group in order not only STEM is promote but others such as finance or technical caree