Uzoma Katchy

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Abuja, Nigeria


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I am a Woman and l am Priceless .
2016-2017 Champion for Change @ Empower Women

My vision for Global Champion for Change Programme is to equip women/ young girls with necessary tools that will enable them to be economically empowered, instil confidence and hope in them and encourage them to be change-agents in their various communities. They will be taught on Skills Development in Clothes & Fabric Bags production. They will be exposed to Financial Literacy and Business Management Strategies to enable them to start, manage and run a sustainable enterprise. They will be imbued with Leadership Skills to instill hope and confidence and encouraged to aspire to make a positive impact in their various spheres of contact. I will also use the opportunity to promote gender related issues through blog posts and resources sharing in various social platform. I will create a network of women who will be encouraged to get actively involved in gender matters.