Oluwafunbi Alatise

Operation Manager/founder(Girlchild Education and Right of Women), Public Speaker, Photography Consultant at Alpha Photos Limited/HOPEL-Goodness(a community based organisation)



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  • Lives in: Ibadan
    Country: Nigeria
  • Alpha Photos Limited/HOPEL-Goodness(a community based organisation)
    Business owner or entrepreneur
  • Employment creation, Work-life balance, Entrepreneurship, Education, Leadership
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Your success starts from your mind...what do you think of yourself?-Funbyfad
Never correct a wrong with a wrong, hence you become a victim of a wrong -Funbyfad

2016-2017 Champion for Change @ Empower Women
I studied Theatre Arts with a M.A and B.A Hons. As an independent woman, I believe in girl education and woman empowerment. I am the founder of a community-based organisation (HOPEG), with special interests in entreprenership , girlchild education and women empowerment. As a victim of domestic violence, I advocate for the voice of girls and women to be heard, given equal opportunities in the community, religion gathering, peer groups and workforce. Standing up strong in the midst of challenges to become financially independent and empowered. As a Champion for Change, I will advocate for the importance of girlchild education. I will charge stakeholders to action, I will sensitize girls and women to skills development and re-orientation, I will advocate for SME loans from Government for women, I will advocate for flexible policies that will favour woman, I will stand against any form of girlchild and woman abuse