Charity Ndegwa

Programme Officer at African Pro Poor Tourism Development Centre (APTDC)



  • Female
  • Joined:
  • Lives in: Nairobi
    Country: Kenya
  • African Pro Poor Tourism Development Centre (APTDC)
    Non-profit organization or network
  • Trade, Skills development, Entrepreneurship, Innovation-based enterprises, Business training, Enterprise, labour opportunities & return, Markets, Inclusive supply chain, ICTs, Agro-entrepreneurship & markets, Sustainable tourism


Eager to promote the utilization of tourism as a strategic tool to alleviate poverty, and promote gender equality. I am convinced that tourism, which has emerged in this decade as a central pillar of the services economy, and it can uniquely help society respond to global challenges, if its growth is managed wisely, with an emphasis on ethics, poverty alleviation, the particular interests of developing states and sustainable development.