Immaculata Chiamaka Anudu

2016-2017 Champion for Change @ Empower Women at Empower Women

Stockholm, Sweden


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  • Lives in: Stockholm, Sweden
    Country: Nigeria
  • Empower Women
    International organization
  • Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Sustainable development and Climate change, Mentorship
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Education is the force that can change the society, mindset and understanding.

Immaculata is a Master degree student at Stockholm University, Sweden. An online tutor, a humanitarian, a university blog writer and a social media advocate for social issues like Girls education. I am presently studying International and Comparative Education and also Decision Support and Risk Analysis. I have a master degree in African Studies at Dalarna University in Sweden and a BA in English Language and Literature at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in Nigeria. I am a member of Young African Leaders Initiative and also Women's International League For Peace. I come from Nigeria. I am a volunteer with Kvinna Till Kvinna and a mentor for students in the Stockholm University, all in Sweden. I am an online tutor in an Online Lifestyle Varsity where I tutor on different topics like child and parental care and many others. I am working on creating a project in Nigeria where teenage girls can be assisted to get back to school or receive some training to be empowered. Thank you.