Seithati Irene Mafura

Founder of Pink Mic, Women Empowerment, Public Speaking, Creative, Entrepreneur at Pink Mic.NPO (women empowerment)

Free State, South Africa


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  • Lives in: Free State, South Africa
    Country: Lesotho
  • Pink Mic.NPO (women empowerment)
    Non-profit organization or network
  • Entrepreneurship, Inclusive growth, Leadership, Mentorship, Social dialogue


''You are the only truth of your existence, let it be unforgettable and true to you"

Read my Post/Blog: Red Sole Doek (21st century meets the African Woman)
Blurb: In society a 'Red Soled' (red sole stiletto pumps) woman is symbolic of the power-driven modern corporate woman. And in African cultures a 'Doek' (a head scarf) is one of the most common attires that date back in our heritage, symbolic of the woman or female character in an African household. This blog simply seeks to introduce the rest of the world to the real African woman of today. To unlearn world perceptions of her 3rd world mind and capabilities, but rather to truthfully show the world just how power-driven, revolutionary and evolving the real African woman of today is. Above all to teach the world of the real problems that she faces in this day and age.
Thank You Lovelies. Lets be #Enterpreneu-hers