Dr. Goknur Akcadag

Bureaucrat, academic, NGO at General Directorate on Status of Women, others



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  • Lives in: İstanbul
    Country: Turkey
  • General Directorate on Status of Women, others
  • The business case for WEE, MDGs and beyond, Fiscal, Trade, Constitutions and legislative reform, Governance and National Planning, Investment, Corporate, Socio-cultural, Youth employment, Skills development, Migration, Mentorship, Work-life balance, Health & safety, Social dialogue, Job and Business training, Entrepreneurship, Education, Natural Resources, Sectoral policies and capabilities, Research, advisory services & innovation, Energy, Water & sanitation, Biodiversity, Sustainable development and Climate change, Corporate boards, Leadership, Business institutions, Government bodies, Networks & Organizations, Data and indicators
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National Focal Point in GEC-COE, Member of Turkey National Commission for UNESCO, Member of Social and Humanitarian /Gender Equality Commission for UNESCO Turkey National Commission, Turkishny.com author, http://www.turkishny.com/authors