Dr. Jack Abebe

Regional Knowledge Management and Research Specialist for Eastern and Southern Africa Region at UN Women



  • Male
  • Joined:
  • Lives in: Nairobi
    Country: Kenya
  • UN Women
    International organization
  • The business case for WEE, Concepts of WEE, MDGs and beyond, Economic crises, Inclusive growth, Social protection, Employment creation, Skills development, Mentorship, Job training, Work-life balance, Health & safety, Hiring and retention, Social benefits, Entrepreneurship, Innovation-based enterprises, Business training, Business creation, planning & management, Enterprise, labour opportunities & return, Education, ICTs, Food security, Resilience & risk management, Agro-entrepreneurship & markets, Research, advisory services & innovation, Climate change, Green jobs, research & innovation, Biodiversity, Sustainable cities, Leadership, Parliamentary committees, Networks & Organizations, Decision-making, Data and indicators, National accounts, Monitoring, Disclosure and reporting, Evaluation


A specialist in communications, knowledge management, research, programmes and monitoring and evaluation with a focus on women economic issues, human rights, gender violence, reporting and documentation among others