Fasiha Farrukh

Global Champion -- Contributor - Correspondent at UN Women -- UN Women Asia & The Pacific - Stop Street Harassment



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  • Concepts of WEE, Macroeconomics, Economic crises, Governance and National Planning, Investment, Social protection, Corporate, Employment creation, Youth employment, Child labour, Skills development, Migration, Income, Health & safety, Social benefits, Work environment, Entrepreneurship, Business creation, planning & management, Markets, Education, Finance, ICTs, Food security, Nutrition security, Climate change, Energy, Sustainable tourism, Corporate boards, Leadership, Parliamentary committees, Government bodies, Decision-making, Young professionals
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Firm believer of Women Empowerment in every walk of life.
Contributor at UN Women Asia & The Pacific from Pakistan.
Global Champion at UN Women.
Correspondent at Stop Street Harassment.
Social Media fanatic.
Interested in Reading, writing, music, sports, tech, traveling, social issues etc.