Tim Immaculate Bih

2016 - 2017 Champion for Change @ Empower Women, and Founder/Chief Executive Officer at Immaculate Construction (ICON) Social Enterprise



  • Female
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  • Lives in: Bamenda
    Country: Cameroon
  • Immaculate Construction (ICON) Social Enterprise
    Business owner or entrepreneur
  • Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable cities, Sustainable development and Climate change, Leadership
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Successful people do not succeed alone

Immaculate is a 2016-2017 Champion for Change @ Empower Women. She is the founder of ICON Company. Reaching infrastructure challenges and empowering women is her passion. Raised in a community in Bamenda, Cameroon where girls would not study engineering due to stigma, Immaculate’s passion and optimism let her to it. Earning 1st Degree in civil engineering, she became first female entrepreneur in construction industry in the North West Region. Today she is women’s role model in Civil engineering and has impacted over 80 girls in this male dominated profession. She is also a Vital Voices Grow Fellow and the Regional Chief of Service for socio-educational constructions at the Regional Delegation of Public Works North West. By December 2020, she hopes to construct and equip workshops to accommodate anticipated 30% increase in the number of girls for training in Engineering/Architectural computer designs and field techniques.