Houry Geudelekian

UN Representative at International Federation of Business and Professional Women

New York City


  • Female
  • Joined:
  • Lives in: New York City
    Country: United States of America
  • International Federation of Business and Professional Women
    International organization
  • Education, Leadership, Hiring and retention, Part-time work, Social dialogue


"Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced." James Baldwin.

Current Activities

UN Representative for International Business and Professional Women.
Co-Chair of Working Group on Girls
Co-Chair for NYC4CEDAW

Recent Past

UN coordinator for Armenian Relief Society, Inc.: Over a hundred year old women’s organization in 27 countries with 225 chapters and over 15,000 members. Brought in to find ways of expanding the organization’s reach within the UN system.

NGO CSW NY Executive Committee Communications Secretary
Co-Chair NGO CSW57/58/59 Planning Committee
Chair NGO CSW Beijing+20 Global Campaign
NGO Human Rights Executive Committee member
Chair NGO COsocD Forum
Co-Chair Working Group on Girls
CoNGO Board member with Armenian Relief Society