Guedany Figueiras Ayala

2016- 2017 Champion for Change Empower Women. Emprendedora, activista y voluntaria. at Guendalisaa A. C. / Gota de lluvia (Empresa y desarrollo mujeres)



  • Female
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  • Lives in: Puebla
    Country: Mexico
  • Guendalisaa A. C. / Gota de lluvia (Empresa y desarrollo mujeres)
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  • MDGs and beyond, Constitutions and legislative reform, Socio-cultural, Employment creation, Food and Nutrition security
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There is a crack in everything. that´s how the light gets in. By Leonard Cohen.

I am a loving and strong woman and I like smile a lot! and make many friends.

Dogs and cats lover. Saving one by one of the streets to give them a home.

I believe in teamwork and giving the best of one to get ahead.

Rules: Do not judge, do not interpret the actions of others and work for a better place in the world, where women and girls can make their dreams come true and free of violence in their community and boost their economic development.

Empowering women is just one step towards achieving equality in the world. The development and care of our environment depends on us.

Entrepreneur and social activist on behalf of women and girls in the world.

Life philosophy:
"Love and sweetness; strenght and courage; Four cardinal points with which to navigate".