Valentine Kamau

Research Consultant - Food and Nutrition Security at International centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)



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    Country: Kenya
  • International centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)
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  • MDGs and beyond, Food security, Nutrition security, Agro-entrepreneurship & markets, Climate change
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If God answered all your prayers, would the WORLD look different or just YOUR life.

Valentine Kamau is a Food and Nutrition Security Consultant who is passionate about achieving a #ZeroHunger generation especially in Africa and specifically in her beloved country Kenya . She runs the blog where she highlights food security issues and possible solutions. She believes that a food secure community leads to socio - economic development that is bound to propel the country into a fast paced first class economy. Women empowerment in the area of food and nutrition security is what will build food secure communities that will in turn translate to a food secure Kenya. The woman is key in unlocking all the potential that our country holds. Let us empower her. Today.