Led By HER


Today we invest in HER.... so that one day the world can be Led By HER

Led By HER creates a world with more women entrepreneurs, more diversity and less discrimination, improving access to entrepreneurship and addressing the effects of violence on women. By mobilizing the entrepreneurial ecosystem, business schools, and companies,  30 women rebuild their lives through entrepreneurship. We believe in female entrepreneurs as a source of ideas, creativity, and wealth for the world. We also innovate on women's entrepreneurship and rights through our events.

Good practice policies and initiatives on gender equality

Led By HER wishes to create a world where our initiative would have no reason to exist because equality would be a reality and not a struggle. Discrimination and gender violence would not exist, and diversity in business and entrepreneurship would be a fact. Through our activities and actions, we actively contribute to the creation of this world.

The objective, from the outset, was to change society by showing examples of success through concrete help to women. This is why Led By HER provides women with tools and opportunities to rebuild their lives around their entrepreneurial ambitions. We believe that these women have everything they need to become entrepreneurs. By creating solidarity between local organizations and institutions, and by mobilizing our community, we have been able to make a real difference in their lives.

To actualize this, Led By HER proposes a  complementary service to first-response associations that take care of women who have undergone violence and/or who are in difficult situations. Today in France, more than 10% of women are victims of violence (and 30% of women in the world). Moreover, in a context where entrepreneurship is largely valued and necessary to contribute to growth, fewer than 3% of women aged 18-64 pursue an entrepreneurial activity, and less than 30% of French entrepreneurs are women. And for years these statistics have not changed!

Faced with this twofold observation, we wanted to encourage women to access tools and opportunities to succeed in their entrepreneurship project, bringing their ideas and creativity to the world. By investing in these women, we invest in their future, the future of their families, their environment, and our community, and we bring about a significant and lasting change in our society. The multiplier effects of a woman who realizes her dreams and demonstrates her project to the world are many!

Led By HER is convinced that resilience is a powerful mechanism for socio-economic transformation and that entrepreneurship is an excellent tool for empowerment and reintegration. The autonomy of women is essential for their personal and professional development, to control their future, and to get them out of situations of isolation. Financial self-sufficiency is also the best way to prevent and combat the situation of vulnerability and precariousness in which women victims of violence often find themselves.

The work we do has an impact on a much broader community than the women we are helping directly. By promoting entrepreneurship and women's leadership, we include institutions, partners of all types and individuals who would never have become invested in this cause. We have allowed members of our community to come together to make a difference in the lives of these women, proving that this is also possible in many other contexts and on several scales. By showing examples of women who have not only overcome significant obstacles but have also rebuilt to succeed in something they love, we are also rewriting the usual discourse of  violence and victimization of women in our societies.