If you educate women, you educate the whole world. - Birgitta Notlöf, Livstycket, Sweden -

Livstycket is a contemporary knowledge and design centre in Tensta, Stockholm. Women from all over the world participate. We want to give immigrant women the chance to learn the Swedish language and culture while enhancing their self-esteem.

Our approach is functional pedagogy. Artistic activities like sewing, embroidery and textile printing are combined with theoretical education in Swedish, social studies and IT, so the words represent a function, a reality and a context. 

Good practice policies and initiatives on gender equality

Our work is aimed at women and my experience is that if you educate women you educate to the world. This has proved to be the case in so many situations. I have worked for 24 years with these activities and today thousands of women have, though their involvement in Livstycket, found their way into the Swedish society. Knowledge is power and, based on what situation one is in, it provides the self-confidence and strength to create a sustainable life. Last week three women who had studied at Livstycket came to visit us and they told us about their lives today. They are working, they have salaries and their children have gone through school and taken a step further up on the social ladder.

Amal, who has made her own living for 16 years working in a school kitchen, has two daughters; one is a fully qualified teacher, and the other one is training to become a doctor.

If we look at Livstycket as a whole, in Sweden today it is a well-known, strong brand.Our products are sold in reputable places, for example the Nobel Museum and Millesgarden.

For us, the positive development of our world is intrinsically linked to the positive development of the women of the world. To learn to read and write - to understand and respect Democracy - Human Rights and Gender Equality is essential for the positive development of our world. Every life matters! This was important yesterday, it is important today and it will be important tomorrow.