Children of this age group, ages 8 to 14, might love to have their own birthday party at home . 

When organizing a birthday party there are obviously many aspects to consider: the number of guests, the invitation, the buffet, the birthday cake and the games.

When it comes to entertainment, you have two options: hire an animator or organize some games yourself. If you opt for the latter, this article will surely help you! These are games you can play indoors, both at home and in a space you have rented.


6 games you can organize for the birthday party for children aged 8 to 14:

1. The statue

What you need : music 

The children split up into pairs and start dancing. At the signal of the animator, the couples must remain immobile in the position indicated (for example, on one foot, nose to nose, ....). If you indicate strange positions, the game will be even more fun.

2. Carry the grain

What you need : coffee beans, a saucer and a straw for each participant

It can be played around a table or on the floor. The coffee beans (or beans, lentils, ..) are placed in the center. Each contestant places a saucer in front of him and takes a straw. At the start, the player, with only the help of the straw, must take the coffee bean and place it in his saucer. Whoever has the most beans in the pot wins. 

To further complicate the game, once the coffee bean has been taken, the child has to go around the table (without dropping the bean) and put the bean back on his plate.


Calculate My next birthday

Calculation is the most important thing to improve the mathematics, but sometimes children do not take interest in it as they have to force themselves, but if it is a game they love to participate and play the game, so in this game one child would ask how old am i today, and will give some hints.  

3. The waltz of candles

What you need : music, a candle for each pair, a lighter or matches.

Each pair has a lit candle. When the music starts, the dancers must try to extinguish the candle of the other couples and prevent their own candle from being blown out. Each time a candle is blown out, the couple must withdraw from the game.

The couple who can resist the most with a lit candle wins. 

4. Zombies

What you need : a blindfold for each player

The more the better! This game is fun if there are a lot of birthday party guests. 

The player who will be the zombie is determined and all players (including the zombie) are blindfolded. 

The children start walking around the room with their arms forward. 

When the zombie touches a player, he must scream and he will also become a zombie. 

The player who has not turned into a zombie wins.

5. The clothespins

What you need : a basket containing 30 clothespins for each team or pair.

The children can be divided into pairs or teams and it is established who will suffer the torture (in the case of the team it can also be an adult).

At the start, one child must attach to the other (or adult if they are in a team) as many clothespins as possible. 

To further complicate the game, you can decide that the clips should be attached only on the face, excluding the hair.

6. Say, do, kiss, letter and testament

What you need : nothing

A very famous game, which always amuses everyone - especially thanks to penances .

With a count you decide who starts the game: whoever starts will do a penance, hoping to choose the lighter one. With his eyes closed he has to choose a finger from another party participant. The thumb corresponds to "saying"; at the index "to do", at the middle finger we find "kissing", at the ring finger there is "letter" and if he chooses the little finger he will make "will".

Do you remember what "saying, doing, kissing, letter and will" corresponds to? The associated penances are:

Say: The player has to say something that is asked of him by his friends

Do: He will have to do something that is asked of him by his companions

Kissing: will have to kiss someone identified by the others

Letter: teammates write something on the player's back with their finger. If you don't guess right, the others will give you a pat

Testament: the participants of the party ask "how many do you want?": Whoever is below must say a number between one and ten, but not knowing what he will receive. In the meantime, the players must determine if the even number corresponds to a kiss or a pat. The companions will give him pats or kisses in the indicated number.

The magic letter

To play this game you need commonly used objects (coin, candy, pen, eraser, highlighter ..). It's a game of speed and attention.

The conductor chooses some object of fewer numbers than the participants. For example, if there are 12 guests at the party, 11 objects are chosen. The letter that determines the taking of the objects is established. The host begins to tell a story and every time he utters a word that begins with the magic letter, the players have to rush to grab the object. Whoever is left without is eliminated. To make the game more fun, participants can also pretend.

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