#WeLearn: Boost Your Confidence – How You Can Be What You Want to Be


On 18 September 2020, WE EMPOWER - G7 Programme organized the Boost Your Confidence: How You Can Be What You Want to Be learning session. The participants learned the ways we can make the shift from self-talk that discourages and reduces confidence to a personal conversation that builds confidence and becomes self-empowering. 

This event was first from the series of #WeLearn learning session organized in September - November 2020. 



Why is it that some of us can take on life’s journey full of confidence while others are unable to fulfil their full potential because of their limiting beliefs about themselves? One difference may simply be the way the conversation you have with yourself about yourself takes shape. We can all learn to focus on empowerment and ‘liberation’ rather than self-talk that is discouraging because it emphasises personal ‘limitation’.

In this short booster, you will learn the ways we can make the shift from self-talk that discourages and reduces confidence to a personal conversation that builds confidence and becomes self-empowering. 

What will you learn in this session?

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs about your capabilities;
  • Using the ABCDE method for building confidence;
  • Using feedback as a wonderful opportunity for personal growth;
  • Using your ‘silent intelligence’ constructively;
  • Being authentically ‘you’ while you build your confidence.



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9:00-9:05 am

Welcome (Diana Rusu, UN Women)

9:05-9:10 am

Opening Remarks (Ana Guallarte, EU Mission in Canada)

9:10-9:50 am

Learning Session (Douglas Miller, Personal Development Specialist)

9:50-9:55 am

     Evaluation poll


9:55-10:00 am

Closing Remarks (Anna Fälth, UN Women)







Ana Guallarte -– Programme Manager, Foreign Policy Instrument of the European Union (EU), The EU Mission in Canada


Programme Manager for the Foreign Policy Instrument of the European Union (EU) at the EU Mission in Canada, currently managing  WE EMPOWER - G7, a partnership action between the EU, UN WOMEN and ILO to promote Women Economic Empowerment at Work through Responsible Business Conduct. Served to the EU External Action Service for more than 14 years promoting EU Cooperation with third countries, during this period has been based in several countries such Botswana, The Gambia, Belgium, Romania, Cuba and Canada.







Douglas Miller – Award-Winning Author and Personal Development Specialist

Douglas is the author of 21 books on different aspects of self-improvement including ‘The Luck Habit’, ‘Positive Thinking, Positive Action’ and ‘Brilliant Personal Effectiveness’.  His books are available in more than 30 languages. His facilitation and training work has taken him to more than 65 countries around the world including for UN Women, UNICEF and many EU institutions.






Promoting Economic Empowerment of Women at Work through Responsible Business Conduct in G7 Countries (WE EMPOWER - G7 Programme) is a programme funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by UN Women and the International Labour Organization (ILO). The WE EMPOWER - G7 Programme convene multistakeholder dialogues in the EU, Canada, Japan and the US to exchange knowledge, experiences, good practices and lessons learned in the context of the changing world of work.


WE EMPOWER - G7 Programme brings to its stakeholders and friends a series of learning sessions to help them learn new skills that is amongst the top requirements on today job market. By learning these skills and their application, they will get more confident in their ability to participate in interviews, new job search, progress in career.


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