Survey - #femaleleadership in the Digital Economy

What are the differences between women’s and men’s perceptions on #leadership attributes and behaviours? To what extent does gender represent a barrier to attaining a leadership position?

GSMA and EQUALS Global Partnership invite you to participate in a global pilot study focusing on #femaleleadership in the digital economy.

If you choose to participate, you will be asked to complete a survey lasting approximately 20 mins, focusing on how you perceive your leadership qualities. The survey will remain open until Friday, 28 August. Please note that this survey does not collect any identifiable information and the responses are effectively anonymous as no IP or email addresses will be collected (NB: Full Disclosure in regards to Data Privacy can be found on the survey platform).

You can access the survey in English, French and Spanish.


Please note that this survey is open to individuals in middle, senior and executive managerial positions only.

Click here to participate.

This study is being conducted in partnership with Oslo Metropolitan University, the Women in Tech Initiative at the University of California Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, and Ernst and Young.


Thank you for your participation!

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