Webinar: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Drive Economic Growth – Presenting the Advocacy Tool

From 8-14 July people across the G7 and European Union will share insights on how to strengthen support for women’s entrepreneurship in the context of COVID-19. WE EMPOWER is gathering good practices to build an advocacy tool that will help identify how the public sector, private sector and civil society can better support women entrepreneurs to drive economic growth and lead in COVID-19 recovery efforts. Join us for this exciting webinar as we present the Advocacy tool to our community.





Event organized by WE EMPOWER - G7:

“Promoting economic empowerment of women at work through responsible business conduct in G7 countries” (WE EMPOWER – G7) is a programme funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by UN Women and the International Labour Organization (ILO). The WE EMPOWER Programme convene multistakeholder dialogues in the EU, Canada, Japan and the US to exchange knowledge, experiences, good practices and lessons learned in the context of the changing world of work.

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